November 16, 2013

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5K Walk / Run

9:00am Start Time

364 Elm Street
Historic Downtown Wake Forest, NC


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Supremia Black


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Buffalo Brothers

A special thank you to:

The Law Offices of John K. Cook

Wake Forest Police Department

Wake Forest Academy of Fine Arts

Raleigh School of Gymnastics

Farfield Financial Group

Orthopedic Associates

Emily Schulz

And my family

One thought on “November 16, 2013

  1. There is a great need for awareness for the recovery process of concussion!! My son plays ice hockey, attends Franklin Academy Middle School, and we support this cause! He has not sustained a concussion (praise God) but he has friends that have and it is unreal the length of time it takes to recover! One boy spent 10 weeks in a dark, quiet room this summer and still is not at baseline. You cannot prevent kids from playing sports because accidents can happen at any time. Providing them with safe equipment and showing them proper techniques certainly can decrease the probability no matter what the sport! Thank you for bringing attention to this important cause! We’ll share your flyer at the next game!

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